4 questions to Sebastian A. Potthoff - The “resistant hypertension team”: focus on a multidisciplinary approach to hypertension

Sebastian Ewen asks questions to Sebastian A. Potthoff, first author of The “resistant hypertension team”: focus on a multidisciplinary approach to hypertension article published in EuroIntervention Journal Supplement on Resistant Hypertension Treatments, May 2013.



Renal denervation (RDN) as a catheter-based procedure was introduced in 2009 1 . As a reinvention of an old concept 2 this approach in treating resistant hypertension has been gathering an unprecedented momentum in the world of hypertension. The incredible success in introducing this technique, followed by its quick and wide distribution, introduced new challenges and requirements for hypertension centres in offering optimal patient care. The challenges of these new parameters and requirements have to be met not only by a multidisciplinary team of doctors who can provide excellent evaluation, treatment and follow-up of these patients, but also by the hypertension centres themselves, who wish to provide this treatment option to their patients.

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Sebastian Ewen:   Which specialists should be involved in a RDN team?

Sebastian A. Potthoff:  Nephrologist, cardiologist/Interventionalist (could be a Radiologist), and hypertension expert.


Sebastian Ewen:  Which structural requirements are necessary for a RDN center?

Sebastian A. Potthoff:  Duplex sonography, vascular surgery, nephrology department, cardiology department,  certified  hypertension center (national or international), >25 catheter based interventions per year, and ICU.


Sebastian Ewen:   Do you have a multidisciplinary conference in your hospital (University Hospital Düsseldorf) where you discuss patients with resistant hypertension?

Sebastian A. Potthoff:  No


Sebastian Ewen:  How long is the mean hospital stay in patients undergoing RDN in your hospital?

Sebastian A. Potthoff:  2-3 days


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