Costas Tsioufis, European Society of Hypertension Secretary, joins the Resistant Hypertension Course Scientific Board

The Resistant Hypertension Course (“RHC”) Board is pleased to announce that Costas Tsioufis (Assistant Professor of Cardiology, University of Athens, Chief of Hypertension Unit, First Cardiology Clinic, University of Athens, Greece) is joining Felix Mahfoud as Co-Chairperson of the RHC 2014.  Costas Tsioufis will represent the European Society of Hypertension, where he currently holds the position of Secretary. 

Costas Tsioufis graduated in medicine from the Medical School of the University of Athens, Greece in 1987 where he also obtained his PhD in 1997.  His post-graduate medical training in cardiology and hypertension was first completed at the University of Athens and, later, at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA.

In the clinical field, the topics of Costas Tsioufis’ competence are twofold: hypertensive disease and interventional cardiology.  In the field of hypertension, his research has been focused on target organ damage with specific interest in microalbuminuria and renal dysfunction, left ventricular hypertrophy and arterial stiffness including the role of inflammation and endothelial dysfunction.  The last 5 years Costas Tsioufis has a special interest for the novel interventional therapies of hypertension and he is involved in major clinical trials regarding renal sympathetic denervation.

In the field on Interventional cardiology, his research has been focused on the assessment of changes in coronary blood flow reserve in different clinical settings including hypertension, the pathophysiology of the vulnerable atherosclerotic plaque with novel techniques like thermography and OCT, and the atherosclerosis of carotid arteries. 
Costas Tsioufis has published over 198 papers in peer-review journals (first author in 69 papers) mainly in the areas of hypertension, atherosclerosis and interventional cardiovascular disease.

We are delighted to have Costas join the RHC Board, as an expert on hypertension as well as the official representative for the ESH. We extend him warmest welcome wishes. 


Felix Mahfoud, on behalf of the RHC Board

Felix Mahfoud