Expert consensus document from the European Society of Cardiology on catheter-based renal denervation

Dear Member of the RHC community

I strongly recommend that you dedicate some time out of your busy schedules to carefully read and reflect on “Expert consensus document from the European Society of Cardiology on catheter-based renal denervation”. Eur Heart J (2013)

This paper, with Felix Mahfoud, Director of RHC as first author, is co-signed by an equal number of non-interventional members of ESC and members of EAPCI.

It is currently the best and the clearest consensus document that sums up in a real open-minded and constructive spirit the “state of the art” on catheter based renal denervation.

By reflecting on the content of this paper, you will easily refresh or raise your understanding of pathophysiology, get an overview of the published studies, data and their limitation, understand the current recommended patient selection criteria.

The non-interventional physicians can also get an overview of the current techniques.

Starting with the current definitions of “resistant hypertension” according to the co-existence or not of comorbidity as diabetes mellitus or chronic kidney disease, this paper opens our mind towards the potential beneficial effects of this promising technique on patients with difficulties in controlling hypertension and beyond blood pressure lowering, on patients with hypertension and obstructive sleep apnoea, and/or diabetes, and/or insulin resistance, on patients with chronic heart failure, or on hypertensive patients with chronic kidney disease, end–organ damage, or atrial fibrillation…

So, read this essential consensus paper!

Jean Marco

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