RHC 2014 - Second day overview by Dr. Honton

This second day continued by the use of the “fil rouge”, our three characteristic patients. The first session focused on how to tailor and personalise the management of our three phenotypes of hypertensive patients.

Led by K. Tsioufis, assisted by M. Ntsekhe and F. Sharif, this interactive session on “ how to personalise combination therapy” provided practical information for management of these different patients.

Thomas Zeller on Renal Artery Stenosis

Thomas Zeller (Germany) answers the following questions:

- Do you screen every hypertensive patient for renal artery stenosis?

- Which is the best imaging method to detect renal artery stenosis and why?

- Can you please provide us with a short summary of the CORAL trial?

- Do you still believe in the role of renal artery stenting?

- How does the press release of SYMPLICITY HTN-3 influence your daily practice?

Thomas F. Lüscher - About the Symplicity HTN-3 trial

Thomas F. Lüscher (Switzerland) answers the following questions:

- Can you please tell us more about the design of the SYMPLICITY HTN-3 trial?

- What are your thoughts on the Medtronic press release and how does it affect your daily practice?

- Please can you share your opinion about future indications for renal denervation for the future?

RHC 2014 - First day's highlights

What a day! The Resistant Hypertension Course 2014 started in Berlin with a full packed main Arena. Few words on RHC purposes and objectives from both Felix Mahfoud and Costas Tsioufis, RHC Course Chairmen.