Final 3-year report of the Symplicity HTN-1 study is published online in the Lancet

The Symplicity HTN-1 (n=150) was the first multicenter, proof-of-concept and safety study for patients with resistant arterial hypertension (mean age 57 years) undergoing catheter-based renal denervation. Patients in the Symplicity HTN-1 study were heavily medicated, taking an average of five antihypertensive drugs, and were still poorly controlled (office blood pressure 175/98mmHg). The primary endpoint was peri-procedural and safety of the treatment (n=45) after 1 and 12 month published in 2009 at the Lancet (1).

The Concluding Remarks from the Chairmen of the Resistant Hypertension Course Asia Pacific 2013

Arterial hypertension is the single largest contributor to death worldwide. One in three adults (around 1 billion people) worldwide are affected and the number is expected to increase to 1.6 billion by 2025. Data from the World Health Organization (WHO) Southeast Asian regions indicate that the prevalence of hypertension (blood pressure ≥ 140/90mmHg) ranging from 5% to 47% in men and 7% to 38% in women causing up to 66% of cardiovascular diseases, including fatal ischemic heart disease and stroke.

Markus Schlaich tells us about the objectives of the RHC Asia Pacific Course

Markus Schlaich, Course Director, answers the following questions:

- What are the objectives of the RHC Asia Pacific course?

- What are reasons to participate in RHC Asia Pacific?

"This very educational and interactive course is endorsed by various societies and we will make sure it is very practical and the information you'll get will be easy to implement into your practical daily activities."



A new version of RHCourse online will be available soon!

Find out what will be new and what you will find on this new version with Atul Pathak and Sebastian Ewen, members of the editorial board:

- What will be found on RHCourse online website? by Sebastian Ewen

- What is the raison d'être of RHCourse online website? by Atul Pathak

"The most important thing is that this website will be a real link, it will create a community of people who are interested and want to share their experience and their knowledge about resistant hypertension."


RHC Asia Pacific - Discover the programme update

Felix Mahfoud

Felix Mahfoud, Course Director, answers the following questions:

- Why a course on resistant hypertension in Asia Pacific?

- What key learnings from Berlin will be integrated to RHC Asia Pacific?