4 questions to Anton H. van den Meiracker

Sebastian Ewen asks questions to Anton H. van den Meiracker, the author of "A global approach to hypertension " article published in EuroIntervention Journal Supplement on Resistant Hypertension Treatments, May 2013.

Felix Mahfoud talks about RHC Asia Pacific Course

Felix Mahfoud, Course Director, answers the following questions:

- What is unique about the Resistant Hypertension Course?

- Who should participate and why?

- Why promote a hypertension team approach?

Exclusive interview with Felix Mahfoud

Interview with Felix Mahfoud

Felix Mahfoud, Course Director, talks about the past meeting in Berlin and the ones to come this year

"We are now an official meeting in the EAPCI agenda every year so we continue, we'll have a meeting in February next year again in Berlin and we also settle around the world going to Asia Pacific and we'll have a Resistant Hypertension Course in Singapore in November this year."

RHC Berlin - Watch the videos

The inaugural RHC Course was a great success, attracting 435 participants! Take a chance to catch up on any sessions you may have missed: jump in! Browse the sessions by day,...