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How to personalise combination therapy

RHC 2014 - Discover the presentations from the third session.

Download the slides if you would like to learn more about “personalised medicine” and the different possible antihypertensive drug combinations for the three “fil rouge” patients with elevated blood pressure: an elderly atherosclerotic patient, a metabolic patient and a young adrenergic patient.

Renal denervation – Insights and directions

RHC 2014 – Symposium

To learn how the pre-clinical and clinical evidence for catheter-based renal sympathetic denervation is continuing to be built
To explore anatomical considerations in patient selection
To understand the importance multidisciplinary working in establishing appropriate and sustainable patient pathways

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What are the key steps to evaluate a patient with uncontrolled hypertension?

RHC 2014 - Watch the recording of the second session

The session comprehensively discusses the different modalities to measure blood pressure, assess the personalised patient risks, and it also includes key data for drug adherence.

--> Download the slides